The humble foreskin has long been the source of much controversy and continues today particularly in North America to generate even more unbelievable controversy. The most disturbing and alarming is in the unethical trafficking of neonate foreskins. Not only do parents of North American baby boys have to pay between $200 to $300 to obstetricians to circumcise their boys that no sooner are the circumcised foreskins cut off that they are sold on to bio-engineering and cosmetics companies by the hospitals. The numbers of dollars involved are bewilderingly staggering, and this financial force is one which is providing the funds to continue the spread of medical propaganda advocating circumcision. The resale value of neonate foreskins is astronomically dizzying in that from one boy’s foreskin can be grown bio-engineered skin in a lab to the size of a football field. That’s 4 acres of new skin or around 200,000 units of manufactured skin, which is enough skin to cover about 250 people and sells at $3,000 a square foot. Considering that there are 1.25 million neonate foreskins circumcised each year in the U.S alone this translates to one of the most lucrative trades, if not THE most lucrative trade in human body parts ever in the history of humanity.
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The justifiable explanations are that this newly bio-engineered skin is used for burns, persistent leg ulcers, bed sores, reconstructive surgery and other skin problems. Companies such as Advanced Tissue Sciences, BioSurface Technologies, Genzyme, Ortec International, and Organogenisis (and many others) are huge purchasers of infant foreskin tissue. The latest wonder in medical technology, Organogenesis's Apligraf is the first and only human skin construct with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Closing wounds is what skin constructs do best thus Bio-engineering researchers want to switch to skin constructs for some of their testing. No one's sure how these constructs work, but the statistics are incredible. Made of newborn penis-wraps (neonatal foreskin) and cow fat (bovine collagen), Apligraf placed over pernicious wounds magically heals the treated area. Almost 50 percent more wounds heal with Apligraf than with compression alone. The following is a description of what Apligraf is from their website “Apligraf is a unique biological product, containing living cells and structural (rebuilding) proteins and growth factors similar to healthy human skin. Because it is biological, the body can use the elements in Apligraf to help repair itself. As a result, Apligraf is natural and well tolerated, with no major reported side effects.” Not surprisingly, nowhere on this website is it mentioned that neonate foreskins are used for this product, preferring to say that the product contains “living cells” or that it’s a “biological” product.

Theories abound as to why newborn foreskins work so well. According to the most accepted theory, newborn skin cells can morph into any kind of skin cell, whereas adult skin cells perform a specific function, which is why skin grafting is problematic. Also, neonatal tissue hasn’t yet developed the immunity proteins that cause rejection with adult human skin. Human skin constructs certainly put a spin on the circumcision debate. Previously, parents had only weak evidence of the health benefits of circumcision, such as a lower risk of infection. Now, circumcision really does have health benefits, only it’s not the baby boys who are losing parts of their penises who benefit.

Apligraf skin made from neo natal foreskin