The psychological damage caused to neonates and pre pubescent boys seems to have been researched and documented to some extent. The message given to new born boys upon being traumatised by circumcision is that “you have just arrived in a very hostile place because they are amputating the most sensitive part of your body without any anaesthetic”. Additionally the information conveyed is that “your sex centre is not respected because this society is desensitising your penis and that your rights as a person are not respected nor valued”. In “Wounds that Time won’t Heal: The Neurobiology of Child Abuse” by Dr. Martin Teicher, it was found that inflicting physical abuse on babies, “sets off a ripple of hormonal changes that wire the child's brain to cope with a malevolent world." Males therefore are violent due to circumcision. It is usually boys who go to school and kill people; they are violent since their brains are wired for violence from infancy, because circumcision rewires their brain to be violent.


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The paralyzing horror and crushing humiliation some children feel and then secretly live with when they realize that part of their penis has been cut off leads them into adulthood as being victims of this mutilation but are silenced by the humiliation. They would rather have their foreskins intact but cannot face the added shame of calling attention to the fact that part of their penis has been cut off. They often think they are alone, and pretend contentment or indifference to save face, unaware that there are other circumcised men who have the same feelings and are pretending too. Because they keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves, they are easy to be unaware of and easy to ignore. This is one of the reasons circumcision can seem so harmless in that it is rarely heard from or about the babies it eventually hurts the most.

The apparent contentment of men with their circumcised state is often an illusion. Many circumcised men live with two secret fears: that they are sexually impaired and that they will be exposed as sexually impaired. As they become aware of the facts about the foreskin and circumcision, their fear that they are impaired is confirmed. As they realize that others are becoming aware of the same facts, their fear that they will be exposed as impaired comes true. The result is often a paralyzing mixture of feelings few men would care to acknowledge: shock, humiliation, anxiety, frustration, anguish, bitterness, resentment, rage, depression, despair, and envy of males whose foreskins are intact. It's not that men prefer to be circumcised, it's just that once they are, they often keep their real thoughts and feelings about it to themselves and pretend contentment or indifference in an attempt to make the best of it. Hundreds of millions of circumcised men were never given a choice about keeping their foreskins.

Several researchers have concluded that PTSD may result from circumcision and / or from circumcision related condition in later life. For example, Rhinehart (1999) reported finding PTSD in middle aged men who had been subjected to infant circumcision. Circumcision involves an imbalance of power between perpetrator and victim, contains both aggressive and libidinal elements, and threatens a child's sexual integrity by amputating part of the genitalia. Some men circumcised in infancy or childhood without their consent have described their present feelings in the language of violation, torture, mutilation, and sexual assault. Psychiatrists have long been agreed that circumcision is basically a punitive act.

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In a report of adult clinical cases [Rhinehart (1999)] concluded that a man circumcised as a child is more likely to react with terror, rage and / or dissociation when confronted with situations interpreted as threatening. As in any situation of post-traumatic stress, an event resembling any aspect of the original traumatic experience is more likely to provoke negative emotions such as panic, rage, violence, or dissociation. It is therefore not surprising that PTSD may result from childhood circumcision, just as it does from childhood sexual abuse and rape.
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