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The foreskin is a marvellous instrument, tool and erogenous plaything all in one.  As Dr Taylor has discovered in his research, the foreskin is the male equivalent of the clitoris. One of its functions is to protect the glans, but it also provides enormous pleasures on its own, which many have seen when little boys pull and stretch their foreskins. Certainly itís not only just little boys but males of all ages, who enjoy foreskin foreplay by tugging, pulling, squeezing and stretching their foreskinsÖlet alone having them licked, sucked, pinched, suckled, chewed and nibbled on. To maximise the acroposthion, pulling on the foreskin whilst milking the shaft forward will optimise its length. Lubrication may be necessary if the foreskin is tight or if there is any discomfort. Squeezing and pinching on the foreskin when pulling it forward continuously can bring on an orgasm and itís possible to ejaculate from foreskin manipulation and stimulation alone. Constantly stretching or applying traction to the foreskin will elongate it as the Ancient Greeks practiced with the Kynodesme.

Indeed just simply the visual display of a generous acroposthion can trigger and stimulate sexual arousal in some people. It seems that the more lengthy, fleshy and pouty the overhang is, the more appealing, exciting and desirable that penis is. Men with generousacroposthions can reach orgasm by vigorously shaking their penis back and forth, which creates a plopping and thwacking sound from the loose foreskin flopping around snapping on itself, causes intense sensations that can trigger ejaculation. Often the flopping foreskin slaps the masturbating hand, abdomen or thigh adding to the stimulation which excites the nerve endings of the acroposthion. Slapping the end of the foreskin against the other hand or a solid surface will also create the same pleasurable sensations which can stimulate and trigger the orgasmic response, resulting in ejaculation. Placing a bulldog clip or a clamp or clothes peg or suchlike on the end of the foreskin creates very intense sensations and coupled with shaking it back and forth can also trigger the ejaculation reflex. Caution is advised and required with this one. Foreskin play involving the use of a nipple vacuum pump is also an activity which as well as being highly pleasurable is also a method of elongating the foreskin


Sliding a finger or fingers under the foreskin (finger docking) creates pleasurable sensations, particularly with pre-cum as lubrication or saliva or any other lubricant helps the finger to glide easily around the rim of the glans. The Pulling and stretching of the foreskin keeps it supple and flexible. The training of a penis with preputial stenosis is to gently introduce a finger beneath the foreskin and to slowly train the skin to stretch with the help of some massage oil or lubricant. Placing one or more fingers from each hand inside the foreskin with lubricant and pulling it apart for longer periods of time trains the tight foreskin to be more elastic and flexible. The dilemma for men who have a tight foreskin is usually in their partners or other people because having difficulty retracting the foreskin both backwards and then forwards again can come across as dysfunctional to some people. Many such men enjoy a full sex life without need to retract the foreskin, but it is possible to train the foreskin to become more elastic and flexible if someone so desires through traction training. Placing objects under the foreskin can also help to keep it flexible and elastic, but obviously care and caution are called for depending on the objects used or for how long.

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